Fix eoferror: eof when reading a line using python?

EOF When Reading a Line using Python

Before learning how to fix the EOFError, it’s crucial to understand what causes it, or what even is it in the first place. EOFError(End Of File Error) is a type of exception handling errors that python raises because of either of the Follow these reasons: when the input() function is interrupted in both python 2.7 … Read more

Find the average of a list in python


Just as strings are defined as characters between quotes, we can define lists by specifying values between square brackets. A simple example is [1,2,3,4,5].Find the average of a list in python In simple words, a python list is a changeable data structure. Furthermore, this sequence is ordered and all elements inside a list are called … Read more

How to Capitalize the First Letter in Python?

Capitalize the First Letter in Python

Are you wondering to make your first-word capital in Python? I am glad to share a guide that helps in a better way. First Method: str.capatilze The capitalize() function converts the first letter of a string to uppercase. In this case, the string we chose was “python pool.” The function is to make the first … Read more

How to make a redirect in PHP?


Greetings everyone, Today our topic is redirect in PHP. In this article we will learn how to redirect from home page to about page in PHP so, let’s go started. If you want to go another page you can easily use header() this is built-in function of PHP  which do use to send the raw HTTP  … Read more

5 Ways to Initialize a Python Array

Initialize a Python Array

An array, in the English language, refers to an ordered series of arrangements. In a programming language, an array can be defined as a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations. Python does not have built-in support for arrays (we can import them from the “array” module) but lists can be used instead. In … Read more

How to Check if File Exists Using Python?

Check if File Exists Using Python

The most recognized approach to check for the existence of a file in Python is utilizing the exists() and isfile() strategies from the os.path module. These things are accessible on Python 2 and 3, and they are typically the primary idea that arises when you counsel the Python docs or a web index on the … Read more

8+ Ways To Use Python If Not 2021

Python if not true condition

Welcome back friends, here we are going to discuss a new tip that would be interested in all of us. Glad to describe 8+ ways to use Python if not 2021 that would be pretty ideas. Python is one of the most popular programming’s whereas a huge of developers liking to learn more ahead along … Read more

How to make header function in PHP?


The header() function is an built-in function in PHP which must be send a raw HTTP header. The HTTP functions are those functions which manipulate info sent one page to different page. Before any other output has been through. The PHP header() function send a HTTP header to a client or browser in a raw … Read more