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Why The C Programming Is Still Used In The World?

Why The C Programming Is Still Used In The World?

The C programming language has been around for over 45 years, and many people would consider that quite a feat. After all, few languages have that level of longevity. Why The C Programming Is Still Used In The World?

C language was designed to implement the Unix OS and C sits close to the OS which makes it an efficient language because of its efficient system-level resource management. In this article, I will tell you why C is still used in the world.


Why The C Programming Is Still Used In The World?

1. Memory Management

Memory management is one of the great features that shows why the C programming language is still so popular. Programmers often have opportunities to control how, when, and where to allocate and deallocate memory.

Memory is allocated statically, automatically, or dynamically in C programming with the help of some functions you already know like malloc and calloc. C has the ability to manipulate arbitrary memory addresses which is imperative for system programming.

2. Interoperability

C language is extremely easy to interoperate with. This allows libraries written in different languages to actually easily be available in C, which allowing you to re-use many existing libraries to accomplish your task. It is also simple to access libraries in other languages that are written in C.

3. The base for Databases

C programming is the base for the database because the world’s most popular databases like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL are coded in C.

4. Efficient Code Structure

Even though C is older than other languages but C has an efficient code structure. Also, C has a very small runtime and the memory footprint for its code is smaller than for most other languages.

For example, if you compare C and C++, a C-generated binary code is about half the size of a binary code generated by a similar C++ code.

5. Not Limited

The C programming language is not limited. It is widely used in operating systems, language compilers, network drivers, language interpreters, and system utilities areas of development.

So, these are some reasons which show why the C language is still used in the world. If you want to make a career in C programming then don’t think just go for it. see more detail in this blogs

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