How to use /t in Python?

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Tab character. The console usually gives it as many spaces (0 – 3), so your horizontal cursor is four times use /t in Python.

You can use it to rank tables. It will break if the difference in height between table items is greater than 4.

Generally, it is best to calculate your horizontal position in the Python, “\” used for a particular character.

It is also called an escape character). “\ t” use to add tab space while printing output. Here are a few captions.

/t in Python

print "a", "\ t", "b"

The result will be brief and use to calculate the number of spaces.

Every programmer encounters errors, both for beginners and those who have been planning programs for years.

Encountering mistakes and differences can sometimes be very frustrating and make coding sound like a hopeless task. However, understanding the various types of mistakes and when you are likely to encounter them can be very helpful.

Once you understand why you find specific types of errors, they are much easier to correct.


# This code contains a deliberate error. You can type it directly or

# use the indicator to understand the error message below.

def favor_ice_cream ():

ice_creams = [





print (ice_creams [3])

favorite_ice_cream ()


IndexError Traceback (most recent call saved)

<ipython-input-1-70bd89baa4df> in <module> ()

9 print (ice_creams [3])


—-> 11 favorite_ice_cream ()


<ipython-input-1-70bd89baa4df> in favorite_ice_cream ()

7 ‘strawberry’


—-> 9 print (ice_creams [3])


11 favorite_ice_cream ()

The index list is not in the range.

This particular traceback has two levels. You can determine the number of levels by looking at the number of arrows on the left. In this case:

The first shows the code from the cell, the arrow showing to line 11 (favorite_ice_cream ()).

The second one shows the code in the favorite function_ice_cream, with the arrow pointing to line 9. i.e., print (ice_creams [3]).

The final level is the actual location where the error occurred. Some (levels) indicate which function the program has performed to reach the next level down. So, in this case, the program first made a call to work on your favorite activity_ice_cream. Within this function, the program encountered an error in Line 6 while using code printing (ice_creams [3]).

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