How to use foreach loop in Python

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Interesting way to use foreach loop in Python. So, friends, today we will have new topics to discuss in Python programming, isn’t that sound good?

How do I use foreach loop in Python?

// PHP:
foreach ($array as $val) {

// C#
foreach (String val in array) {

// Python
for val in array:

In the above line, I described the following

  • 1st line only runs the foreach loop in PHP according to the PHP guide.
  • The second is C sharp there you can also pass the string in making an array.
  • The third one, the idea for Python.

The second way to use foreach in Python

names = ['tom', 'john', 'simon']

namesCapitalized = [capitalize(n) for n in names]

There is no foreach loop statement in Python you can use for loop instead of foreach, so, that’s all.


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