How to use Cprofile on Python Module?

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Here we are going to discuss a particular way to use Cprofile on Python Module.

Cprofile just provides a simple run function in most cases. You can pass out that certain python code that you desire to use as a profile and argument of statement. Now moving towards the function in detail step by step.

Use Cprofile on Python Module

Step 1: you have to pass a simple incremental or additional code as your statement. This will help you to run your function. Note down the time it takes to complete the action and then, show the number of calls of your function.

Step 2: Now enter the particular text string in the right-most column. That rightmost column will sort out as an output. This process would be differentiated as a sort parameter.

Step 3: After successful completion of the above two steps, now you will meet internal phases. Which includes some calculations and other functions.

Step 4: Compile and run your program, you will get your desired results. The output will be as per your requirements. You just need to understand the logic and reasons behind these steps and then follow as instructed.

This is how you will be able to use Cprofile on Python Module.


In this article, you will learn that how to use Cprofile on Python Module.  Above mentioned steps are brief but information-rich. These steps will clarify your confusion and queries.

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