TypeError: Must be str, not tuple in Python

It is a very critical error and comes most of the time while doing the programming of Python, why does it always happen that must be str, not tuple? Which line or breaket brings this happen? And we can also use try, and except function to remove or hide this but it is an illegal way to do it. That is why it is good to kick off this error in proper manners.

TypeError: Must be str, not tuple in Python

You should avoid getting these errors, sometimes TypeError is taking much time to solve because of we also involved in it how to do it now and what to actually do to leave this error out.

TypeError: Must be str, not tuple in Python

TypeError: Must be str, not tuple in Python happening whenever you are not mentioning the tag or the function that is:


Or sometime, you need to mention the values of its also like in the example:


In the above example, you must pass out the name of the function, and if there you did call argument also so, don’t forget to call that one too.

Why does it always happen in the list?

The list is a function of Python which is using most of and most of the time it shows the error that list has not attribute str so, in this case you need to solve the error like in this example:




variable_name = str()

variable_name = list(str())

variable_name = str( function () )

In these ways, you can save yourself. In the below-mentioned example of try, except you can use also:

except TypeError:
print("Variable x is not defined")
print("Something else went wrong")

TypeError: Must be str, not tuple in Python

In a first way, it will pass the x value whatever you called, and in a second way, if there is no variable to show the value so, it will not bring any error like TypeError it will just pass out the values only, and in the third option, it must show “Something else went wrong.”

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