How to Convert a Python String to Integers?

Python String to Integers

Wondering to convert a Python string to integers? When you’re modifying in Python, it will put the information you are working away in various manners. In case you’re working with text, your report will be put away as a string. In any case, in case you’re working with a decimal number, your information will be … Read more

How to Ignore Python Multiple Return Values?

Python is a highly versatile programming language and like most programming languages, python has a feature called the function Ignore Python Multiple Return values. For people who don’t know what functions are, functions are “self-contained” modules of code that accomplish a specific task. Functions usually “take in” data, process it, and “return” a result. Once … Read more

How to Convert Java to Python?

Convert Java to Python

One of the rules that make programmers better than others is to “not code something that has already been coded”. For example, an efficient programmer will not waste time sorting a list manually when python offers the sort() function already. That being said, many new programmers wonder whether it is possible to convert a code … Read more

How to Capitalize the First Letter in Python?

Capitalize the First Letter in Python

Are you wondering to make your first-word capital in Python? I am glad to share a guide that helps in a better way. First Method: str.capatilze The capitalize() function converts the first letter of a string to uppercase. In this case, the string we chose was “python pool.” The function is to make the first … Read more

5 Ways to Initialize a Python Array

Initialize a Python Array

An array, in the English language, refers to an ordered series of arrangements. In a programming language, an array can be defined as a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations. Python does not have built-in support for arrays (we can import them from the “array” module) but lists can be used instead. In … Read more

How to Check if File Exists Using Python?

Check if File Exists Using Python

The most recognized approach to check for the existence of a file in Python is utilizing the exists() and isfile() strategies from the os.path module. These things are accessible on Python 2 and 3, and they are typically the primary idea that arises when you counsel the Python docs or a web index on the … Read more

8+ Ways To Use Python If Not 2021

Python if not true condition

Welcome back friends, here we are going to discuss a new tip that would be interested in all of us. Glad to describe 8+ ways to use Python if not 2021 that would be pretty ideas. Python is one of the most popular programming’s whereas a huge of developers liking to learn more ahead along … Read more