How to Capitalize the First Letter in Python?

Capitalize the First Letter in Python

Are you wondering to make your first-word capital in Python? I am glad to share a guide that helps in a better way. First Method: str.capatilze The capitalize() function converts the first letter of a string to uppercase. In this case, the string we chose was “python pool.” The function is to make the first … Read more

5 Ways to Initialize a Python Array

Initialize a Python Array

An array, in the English language, refers to an ordered series of arrangements. In a programming language, an array can be defined as a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations. Python does not have built-in support for arrays (we can import them from the “array” module) but lists can be used instead. In … Read more

How to Check if File Exists Using Python?

Check if File Exists Using Python

The most recognized approach to check for the existence of a file in Python is utilizing the exists() and isfile() strategies from the os.path module. These things are accessible on Python 2 and 3, and they are typically the primary idea that arises when you counsel the Python docs or a web index on the … Read more

8+ Ways To Use Python If Not 2021

Python if not true condition

Welcome back friends, here we are going to discuss a new tip that would be interested in all of us. Glad to describe 8+ ways to use Python if not 2021 that would be pretty ideas. Python is one of the most popular programming’s whereas a huge of developers liking to learn more ahead along … Read more

How to Break “While” Loop in Python?

Break “While” Loop in Python

Loop is a programming structure that implements iteration. A loop is used when you want to repeat a specific block of code many times until you met the given conditions. Similarly, a while loop executes its statement many times as long as the given conditions give ‘true’. The Python while loop starts with a ‘while’ … Read more