How to Validate Phone Number Using PHP?

validate phone number using PHP

In this article, we will learn about validate phone number using PHP The debate about a programming language being good or bad is never-ending since the verdict depends upon countless factors. One such controversial language is PHP. PHP, which is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open-source scripting language that is used widely around … Read more

How To Fix Undefine Index In PHP ( $_POST and $_GET )

undefine index

While we tend to are operating in PHP file, you’ll stumble upon 2 strategies that are referred to as $_POST and $_GET. These strategies are accustomed take type the shape information that users send by form. after you are mistreatment them, you would possibly encounter a slip-up that is named “Notice: vague Index”. This error … Read more

How to get full url of my current page in php?

get full url of my current page in php

Do you really want to get your current page URL? you can use the built-in variable of PHP. This is a superglobal variable. On this page, glad to share how to get the full url of my current page in PHP? Which is called $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]; You can easily get the url using this super global … Read more

Statement Include() VS Require() in PHP

As we know PHP allows us to write different functions and different elements that can be used multiple times into multiple pages. Scripting the alike function in multiple pages is a task of great effort and will be devoured our time. It can be avoided if we follow and use the concept of file incorporation … Read more

How to Use var_dump Function in PHP?

Debugging is very important as coding in the development field. There might occur a case when the developer needs to check info of a variable such as if a function returns an array it is best to check the return type and the contents of the returned value. How to Use var_dump Function in PHP? … Read more

How to create custom Gutenberg block using ACF

In this blog, we will create a beautiful custom Gutenberg block using ACF. Before starting, let’s take some outer look at act and Gutenberg. What is ACF? Propelled Custom Fields (ACF) is a WordPress module that gives you a lot more noteworthy control of your WordPress content, using custom post meta to advance the substance … Read more