How To Solve TypeError: str Object is not callable?

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Most of the time the ValueError happens while doing the programming in Python but did you ever face TypeError:

How to solve typeerror: str object is not callable?

TypeError:str object is not callable

In Python, the str() work is utilized for changing over a specific worth into a string.

It accepts an object as contention and converts it into a string.

As str is the name of a pre-characterized work in Python and is a held reserved keyword, it can’t be utilized elsewhere.

So in the event that you use str for naming a variable or a function, the Python compiler will throw an error.

Thus, you will experience a “TypeError ‘str’ object isn’t callable in Python” error.

Cause of TypeError: str object is not callable

This is a common error that happens when the user proclaims a variable with a similar name as the inbuilt function str() utilized in the code.

Python compiler treats str as a variable name, yet in our program, we are additionally utilizing in-built function str() as a function.

Because of this python compiler gets confused and creates an error: type error: ‘str’ object isn’t callable.


Str = “Hi This is”

Str1 = “ Stechies”

Print(str(str + str1))


Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 4, in <module>

Print(str(str + str1))

TypeError: ‘str’ object is not callable

In the above example, we are joining two string factors with the (+) operator, however, we proclaimed a variable named as “str” and on the following line, we are utilizing the str() function.

So python compiler takes “str” as a variable, not as a function because of which error “TypeError: ‘str’ object isn’t callable” happens.

Solve typeerror: str object is not callable?

To determine this mistake, you need to change the name of the variable whose name like the inbuilt function str() utilized in the code


Str2 = “Hi, he is”

Str1 = “ Arman”

Print(str(str2 + str1))


Hi, he is Arman

In the above example, we have just recently changed the name of variable “str” to “str2”

The “type error: ‘str’ object isn’t callable” error raise when you attempt to call a string as a capacity.

To settle this error, ensure you don’t utilize “str” as a variable name.

On the off chance that this doesn’t tackle the issue, check if you utilize the % operator to format strings.

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