How Do I Retain new lines when inserting a variable into a string?

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In this article, we are going to answer what arises in mind that how does someone Retain new lines when inserting a variable into a string.

Moving towards the point that you can simply use an ADD command in the commands substitutions.

By using Add command you can easily retain new lines.

Retain newlines when inserting a variable into a string

Another method to do your desired task is with the help of the CAT command.

As the command will strip up new lines even when you are inserting a variable into the string. Moreover, you need to place a stopper at the end of your task and then strip it a bit away afterward.

Printf icon will also allow you to do so. But the procedure is quite difficult.  So doing it with the CAT command is a wise decision. This guide would be enough to fulfill the needs, as soon as you will start working on a platform, you will automatically know further details about retaining new lines.


These programming-relevant questions require very deep research-based content.

But still, this data would be enough for you to retain new lines when you are even inserting a variable into the string.

This is an authentic and genuine logic to fulfill your desired goal. If you are interested in these types of tricky and interesting questions related to programming. Then don’t hesitate to reach out to this platform.

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