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5 Reasons That Make MacBooks Good for Coding

5 Reasons That Make MacBooks Good for Coding
Reasons That Make MacBooks Good

Looking for a reliable laptop or computer for coding? The MacBook is often recommended as the most suitable laptop for programming. Apart from being a style statement for the work line, there are a couple of reasons that make MacBooks good for programming.


5 Reasons That Make MacBooks Good for Coding

This article will highlight some of the key reasons why you need a MacBook for coding or programming your new mobile app.

RAM Space

The total RAM required depends on the requirements of the app you need to code or develop. Considering the RAM space is significantly important to run multiple containers or virtual machines.

Hence, standardizing the RAM requirement for programming is not easy. If you’re working largely on the cloud, about 8GB would be enough. However, for composing gaming-related codes, a large amount of RAM will be required.

When it comes to RAM, Mac computers are counted at the top. The 13-inch MacBook Pro comprises 16GB RAM by default and can be upgradeable to 32GB. However, the 16-inch model can be upgradeable to 64GB. The Mac Studio with its M1 Ultra chip comes with up to 128GB RAM.

Speed Performance

The MacBook Air with an M1 chip is powerful enough for coding. The newer versions integrate cores that run at a higher GHz which means faster clock speed and more computational power. The 16-inch MacBook Pro with a 6-core i7 processor and a default 16GB RAM is a perfect device for ultra-heavy programming.

In case your MacBook Air or Pro device slows down, you can easily reclaim the hard drive space and boost performance. Sometimes, you may need to clean up your data to free up some storage space to make your mac faster.

Use the Disk Utility option to repair your disk. It’ll help to remove permissions that come as part of a file package while installing any app. Another option is to reduce login items, as opening too many apps at startup also slows the booting process.

Screen Display

Reasons That Make MacBooks Good
Reasons That Make MacBooks Good

A big screen is important while coding. It might be possible that several windows or programs are open at the same time. To work comfortably, a separate screen is a good choice, especially for a portable Mac. For example, Apple’s 27in Studio Display.

However, when you’re not at your desk, you might consider a modern Mac such as a 16-in MacBook Pro. The latest Mac versions feature high-resolution Retina displays that are capable of scaled resolutions.

Do you know what is MacBook Pro Retina 13 screen replacement costs? if not then this post is very helpful to you.

If you’re buying a Mac computer for programming, look for the True Tone screen feature. It helps in adjusting the color and brightness based on the ambient lighting. The 14-in and 16-in MacBook Pro offer the amazing feature of ProMotion with refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Storage & Battery

Well, coding usually does not need a lot of storage space. But, it is recommended to choose a MacBook with at least 256GB SSD for coding. However, the latest models, such as the MacBook Air i5 processor, now offer 512GB of storage.

Some devices can be upgraded to 1TB or even to 8TB on other models. If you’re choosing MacBook Air M1 with 512 GB storage, you would not require an external drive. The laptop’s battery life matters a lot for programmers or developers for long hours of working.

The 16-in MacBook Pro is highly trusted for its maximum battery life, i.e., 21 hours. All M1 series models are worth considering for their excellent battery performance. For example, the M1 13-in MacBook Pro with 21 hours, and the M1 MacBook Air with 18 hours.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

On MacBook, you can run all the major operating systems on your machine, which is the biggest perk for coding. Mac devices can easily run Windows as well as Linux in a virtual environment.

This helps in using the tools available on Windows or macOS as you can easily switch between these two. Another reason is that you can create any programs for iOS or macOS using a MacBook.

Which MacBook Is Best for Coding?

Reasons That Make MacBooks Good

Don’t know which Mac is right to code it on? While looking for the best Mac for development tasks, there are certain things that you must consider. Make sure what you’ve selected will provide the perfect coding environment.

Ensure that Mac is future-proof. Other vital considerable factors include portability, ports peripherals, design, keyboard, and CPU. Apple’s large MacBook Pro 16-inch is what you can choose from as it comes with powerful M1 Pro or M1 Max chips from Apple.

It is great for running code in test environments. The improved keyboard and the incredible battery life allow you to keep coding throughout the day plugging in.


The coding not solely depends on the laptop but the operating system version as well. That’s another reason MacBooks with the upgraded OS are recommended for programming or coding.


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