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Procedure to Write a dictionary to csv file using Python

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csv file using Python

Writing a dictionary to CSV file via python is a very beautiful task but it is a bit tricky to Procedure to Write a dictionary to CSV file using Python.

Here we will let you know that how to overcome this problem in an easy and interesting way.

You just have to understand the given information and then follow it is to get the desired results.

Procedure to Write a dictionary to CSV file using Python

First of all, you have to write a dictionary to a CSV file. Now take the use command in action to open the file. This can be written as a file, mode.

As the data for the CSV file can be done with the help of commas. Now use the W command to see the streams of the CSV files.

Hence by this action, your CSV file will be created as a writer object. After successful completion of these steps, you have to use the format of for loop.

Now, apply for loop on the program. Now use for loop for the dict items.

This will help you to iterate Several keys and values in the dictionary.

General Overview

As soon as these steps would be complete.

Now in the iteration values and keys, you will get the values in a row that you have to mention in the CSV file.

Your task has successfully generated. Now you have to close the file and then save it.

This will give you out the desired results.

And for your satisfaction, you can even compile and run the program to see what output it is supporting.

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