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How to Install PyGame On Windows

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Install PyGame On Windows

On, this page, we will install the pygame module for python on windows with the complete guideline. Pygame is a library in Python language. It is a platform where you can set the modules to develop a game yourself and it uses for developing 2-D games.


Install PyGames On Windows 10

These modules have designed for video games and writing as well as the pygame includes pc graphics also sound libraries that you can use with the python programming language.

It helps you to build the games quick and easily that’s why some developers call it a user-friendly platform. So, today we will guide you on how to install pygame in python on windows.

Install Python

First of all, check Python is installed on your windows if not you must install the python no matter which version you installed. Then check the Python is installed on your pc or not, Open the cmd stand for Command Prompt type python-version.


Install PyGame On Windows

If you can see the Python version then you are good to go if not again you will have to install Python on your PC.

Install the PIP

Now we are going to see the PIP is installed So, every python developer knows the PIP is a tool that is used to install Python packages. If you installed Python 2.7 9+ and Python 3.4+ then No need to check because PIP is automatically installed with these python versions.

Again open the CMD Prompt for quickly open press windows + R and type CMD after opening type pip–version if the command runs successfully then you are good to go.


Install PyGame On Windows

Install the pygame

Now we are going to install pygame on windows to install Pygame open the Command Prompt for quickly opening press windows + R and type CMD and then type pip install pygame

pip install pygame
Install PyGame On Windows

Install PyGame On Windows

How to Check Pygame is working or not?

If you want to check the pygame is working successfully or not then open a new terminal and import the Pygame library if the library is imported successfully that means we installed the pygame.


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