How To Get Length Of List In Python

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A listing is an organized and dynamic data extraction type in Python. Duplicate entries are also possible in a list. In Python, the len() function is used to find the length of any object.

Get Length Of List In Python

In this post, we’ll learn how to find the length of a list in Python in the following order:

  • List in Python
  • Len() Method
  • Naive Method
  • Python’s List

In Python, a list is used to store the order of various types of data. There are six data types in Python that can be used to store series, but the list is the most popular and reliable. Join our Master Python programming course to learn more about Python.

A listing is a collection of characteristics or items that are all of the same kind. A comma (,) separates the elements in the list, which are contained in square brackets [].

This is how it’s defined:

list1 = ['edureka', 'python', 2019]

list2 = ["a", "b", "c", "d"]

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In Python, how do you find the length of a list?

In Python, there are two most frequent and basic techniques for determining the length of a list.

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