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Way to fix Python indentation


Some Python code has an inconsistent indentation. Many combinations of tabs and spaces make this issue worse, and space management is not maintained now it is time to fix the Python indentation.

The code works as expected, but it’s hard to keep.

Sometimes, or maybe even most of the time, some of us face the problem of indentation when coding in Python.

The strange thing is that even though you think you used the correct redirect in your code editor, you still get caught in the import error.

To fix the Python indentation, you have two options to do:

You can use the reindent.py script you find in your Python Installation tools/scripts to adjust Python orientation in the first option.

And also, modify Python (.py) files using four-space indents and do not have complicated tab characters.

Try cutting out more spaces and tabs from the edges of the lines, and delete blank lines at the end of files.

One significant point always ensures that the last line ends with a new line.

Firstly, you have to select all the code and regulate the code block to the left in the second option.

You have to press the shift + tab, then hit the tab button the number of times you want to undo on the right.

That is, your login problem has been resolving.

In most code blocks like this image, repeat the step above by pressing the shift + tab to align the code blocks to the left and then tap the tab the number of times you want to undo the right one and solve the indentation problem.

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