How to Edit Header in WordPress

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WordPress uses a special type of file, called a header. This allows you to create rules for your site. Those are applied automatically when visitors come in through the front door!

There are few tags calling in HTML: <html><head><body><div> and more.

Headers are more than just pretty faces. They’re the first thing your visitors see when they come onto your site, so it’s important that you have one which showcases what makes YOU special!

A good header will make sure people stay around and explore all of those great features beyond simply checking out how many pages we have in our index.

This is something only an expert designer could appreciate fully (and even then there’d always be something new).

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing through design alone. However, headings also serve another very crucial role: reducing bounce rates.

How to Edit Header in WordPress?

Edit your WordPress site’s header with this simple but powerful tool.

The best part? You can use it on any of the beautiful templates in the header file.

  • You can edit the header in WordPress to add a logo and change colors.
  • The beauty is that you don’t need any design skills.
  • Just replace those boring old text links with your own images or inspire others by using some of our pre-designed templates.

Customize your WordPress header with the power of Live Customizer.

Find out more about how to edit it here!

A quick way to create a custom header in WordPress

  • To create a custom header in WordPress:
  • Go to the “Editor” tab.
  • Click on “Premium” at the top right and select one of your designs or logos using the upload option.
  • Before heading down into Settings where you can change colors as desired!

You can create a custom theme in WordPress.

Change Your Header from WordPress theme editor to change the look and feel of your website with just a few clicks.

Customizing your WordPress site’s header doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

You can customize it in an easier way if you’re willing and able with coding knowledge!


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