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How to Copy Strings in Python

Copy Strings in Python

Today, on this page, we are going to learn how to copy strings in Python. Before we start I want to tell you some important things that should be in your mind. So, Maybe you know that, in Python, strings are immutable, that’s means you can’t change any value in Python programming. In simple words, it means that a string cannot directly have a copy.

If you have a new variable that is declared a value and if you directly assigned the value, so, remember that this would not make a copy of original string instead, both of the created variables would be the same string.


How to Copy Strings in Python

let’s begin!

Empty String to Get a Copy String in Python

We have started with a simple method that is empty string this is very easy to implement jsut you need to add empty string with original by using the concatenation operator while you are calling a new variable you can see the code below.

string = 'wholeblogs'
empty_string = ' ' + string

Slicing to Copy a String in Python

Everybody know that the slice and : operator can be use to utilize the slice value and ganerate a new one. Original string would be copied intact to the new variable. if both these not passed you can see the code below!

ostr = 'wholeblogs'
nstr = ostr[:]

str() Function to Copy a String in Python

You can easily use the str() function if you need to pass out on string will returen one copy of that string. follow the code below.

ostr = ‘Wholeblogs’
nstr = str(ostr)

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