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How to convert python to java script?

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convert python to java script

In this article, we will learn How to convert python to javascript JavaScript is the most favorite objective language for “transpilers” that believe one programming language into another(TypeScript, Emscripten, Cheerp, Cor).

What’s more, Python’s huge after an abundance of accessible libraries make it an extraordinary contender to be changed over.
Tools that Covert Python to JavaScript:



Brython carries out an adaptation of Python 3 for customer-side web programming using a JavaScript library that copies the entirety of the keywords and the vast majority of the fabricated ins for Python 3.

Script written in Python can be incorporated directly into a website page.

Brython supplies an undeniable level Python module interface (the program bundle) to associate with the DOM and the program, for example, to deal with the entirety of the work ordinarily done directly in JavaScript.


JavaScripthon focuses stringently on translating Python 3.5 and later code to JavaScript without giving full in-program support according to projects like Brython.

It emits ES6 code to limit the requirement for polyfills on the program side and plays well with instruments like Webpack by saving source maps.
Method :
Converting simple Python programs into equivalent Javascript programs (or vice-versa) can often be done relatively easily.

Below are two equivalent programs.

Maze solution in Python

In which there is added extra vertical space to the Python version so that it would line up better with the Javascript version.
A simple program.‘’’

Def mark_starting_point_and_move():
While not front_is_clear():
Def follow_right_wall():
If right_is_clear():
Elif front_is_clear():

# Program execution below
While not at_goal():

Maze solution in Javascript:
A simple program. */
Function mark_starting_point_and_move() {
While (!front_is_clear()) {
Function follow_right_wall(){
If (right_is_clear()){
} else if (front_is_clear()) {
Else {

// Program execution below

While (!at_goal()){


A simple program from Python to Javascript.

To convert such a simple program from Python to Javascript, one can follow the following steps.

You should keep in mind that not all those steps mentioned below are applicable in the sample program listed above.
Replace the keyword def by function.
Replace the colon: that indicates the beginning of a code block by {.
Add } at the end of a code block.
Surround conditions/test in if and while statement by parentheses (…).
Add semi-colons; at the end of each statement.
Restore the keyword, not by the symbol !.
Replace the keyword and with the symbols &&.
Restore the keyword or (not present above) with the symbols ||.
Replace the keywords True and False with true and false.
Restore the keyword elif by else if.
Replace the single line comment symbol # by //
Restore triple quotes enclosing a multi-line comment ‘’’ … ‘’’ by /* … */

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