Way to fix Python indentation

Some Python code has an inconsistent indentation. Many combinations of tabs and spaces make this issue worse, and space management is not maintained now it is time to fix the Python indentation. The code works as expected, but it’s hard to keep. Sometimes, or maybe even most of the time, some of us face the … Read more

3 Best Ways to Exit a Python Program

The Command quit(), exit(), sys. Exit() and os._exit() have almost the same functionality as they enhance the SystemExit variant where the Python translator interprets and does not print stack traces 3 exit Python Program. We can hold the alternative to cut off the original output and perform cleaning tasks; if untrained, the interpreter becomes usual. … Read more

How to drop multiple columns in pandas?

drop multiple columns in pandas

Sometimes you may want to set a data name by saving or minimizing other columns while using Pandas data. We can discard columns in a few ways. We will use the Pandas drop() function to learn to drop more columns and get a minor Pandas data name. For our toy data, we also implied NumPy … Read more

How to fix IndexError: too many indices for array?

The above-mentioned question is frequently asked by various programmers, experienced as well as beginners. So, here we are going to answer this question without any hidden codes and words. You need to follow the guidelines step by step for getting positive outputs. fix IndexError: too many indices for array First of all, format your program … Read more