How to make a redirect in PHP?


Greetings everyone, Today our topic is redirect in PHP. In this article we will learn how to redirect from home page to about page in PHP so, let’s go started. If you want to go another page you can easily use header() this is built-in function of PHP  which do use to send the raw HTTP  … Read more

How to make header function in PHP?


The header() function is an built-in function in PHP which must be send a raw HTTP header. The HTTP functions are those functions which manipulate info sent one page to different page. Before any other output has been through. The PHP header() function send a HTTP header to a client or browser in a raw … Read more

How To Fix Undefine Index In PHP ( $_POST and $_GET )

undefine index

While we tend to are operating in PHP file, you’ll stumble upon 2 strategies that are referred to as $_POST and $_GET. These strategies are accustomed take type the shape information that users send by form. after you are mistreatment them, you would possibly encounter a slip-up that is named “Notice: vague Index”. This error … Read more

How to get full url of my current page in php?

get full url of my current page in php

Do you really want to get your current page URL? you can use the built-in variable of PHP. This is a superglobal variable. On this page, glad to share how to get the full url of my current page in PHP? Which is called $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]; You can easily get the url using this super global … Read more

Statement Include() VS Require() in PHP

As we know PHP allows us to write different functions and different elements that can be used multiple times into multiple pages. Scripting the alike function in multiple pages is a task of great effort and will be devoured our time. It can be avoided if we follow and use the concept of file incorporation … Read more

How to Run While Loop With Table In PHP?

Run While Loop With Table In PHP

while loop with table Often whenever you write the code, you want the matching block of code to run over write some name of stuends. So, alternatively of adding several almost equal code-lines in a PHP, we can use the while loop. The while loop is used to execute the same block of code again … Read more

How to Use var_dump Function in PHP?

Debugging is very important as coding in the development field. There might occur a case when the developer needs to check info of a variable such as if a function returns an array it is best to check the return type and the contents of the returned value. How to Use var_dump Function in PHP? … Read more

How to Solve Syntax Error in PHP?

In this article, I will tell what is the syntax and how to write basic PHP code, how we can accommodate PHP code in an HTML file and. how to run PHP script and check in the output of the browser. Solve Syntax Error in PHP? A syntax error is an error in the source … Read more

3 Way to Add Javascirpt Code in HTML

Welcome to on how to add javascript links in HTML. So you have just started with Javascript and wondering how to properly add javascript link into an HTML file? Well, there are a few ways to include Javascript into HTML, and here is a quick answer: (“1.”) you can use the tag in HTML. And … Read more