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Anaconda VS Pycharm Which One is Better?

Anaconda VS Pycharm Which One is Better?

Pycharm and Anaconda are tools use to help Python programmers with their coding.

It is easy to confuse the 2, therefore it should be note that both tools are independent.

Anaconda VS Pycharm

Anaconda VS Pycharm In simple words, Anaconda and Pycharm have completely different focuses.

Pycharm focuses on being the best editor for python, while Anaconda is meant to be an environment for a data scientist to have a more than basic data science toolbox of libraries and languages.

That being said, they can be used together for projects that will benefit from both tools.

Let us take a deeper look at both tools separately.

Pycharm, like VS code, is an IDE that makes it easier for python programmers to code.

It does this by providing a text editor, debugger, and many other features.

Furthermore, Pycharm provides coding assistance which includes color-coding, navigation through search, and so on.

Pycharm also provides support for multiple platforms and front-end programming languages such as HTML and Javascript.

In simple words, Pycharm has designed to assist a python developer in code as easily as possible.

Although Pycharm does not include any packages by default, it does include built-in support for Anaconda.

On the other hand, Anaconda is a basic text editor which is a great choice for projects that deals mainly with data.

In addition to that, its basic role is to provide distribution for python.

Anaconda has multiple features that make it an excellent choice for data science projects.

What makes it better than other IDEs is that it comes with an interpreter and allows its users to access data science packages from a library of around 400 packages.

Furthermore, these packages can be easily load to save time as well as written code.

Anaconda also comes equipped with Spider which is an editor.

In simple words, Anaconda is an excellent choice for data science tasks but not for tasks that are non-data-oriented.

Now that we have discussed the features of both IDEs, let us take a look at the prices both tools offer.

Pycharm professional costs $199.00 per year, although the price reduces every year.

On the other hand, Anaconda is a free service that can use by individuals.

But pricing for teams starts at $10,000. These features have needed by enterprises and businesses.

one summary has given below


  • An IDE especially for python
  • Allows you to develop python-based applications
  • Provides an interactive interface that makes coding in python relatively simple and interesting
  • Allows users to work in virtual environments where individual users can work with different packages


  • It is an open-source, free python distribution
  • Allows users to work with 7500 packages related to data science and machine learning
  • It enables users to get most of the tools to use for implementing python

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